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Container Grown Trees

~ Go Green this Year ~


What are container grown trees? Large trees you can plant in your yard without any heavy duty equipment!

  • Grown at a one of the largest and most experienced tree farms in Michigan.
  • Grown in the container since they were saplings. This allows you to continue to care for the tree as a container tree until your ready to plant it. Ball/burlap trees generally need to be planted within a week or two.
  • Undamaged root system (may have with ball/burlap trees). This allows the tree to continue growing as soon as you plant it. Ball/burlap trees generally go through a period of shock do to their cut roots and may not start growing again for up to 6 months.
  • Weigh approximately 55 lbs. You don't have a bunch of weight from extra dirt. (ball/burlap trees usually weigh 225 lbs. and up)
  • Portable and plantable without and heavy duty equipment.

The three trees we offer are the Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce and White Pine. 


   $165 Delivered

Now taking orders for April deliveries!  
$165 per tree includes door front delivery. Reduced prices for large orders of 10 or more.




The Colorado Blue Spruce carries a full pyramidal
shape with a cone-shaped crown and takes its name from its dull blue-grey needles. The needles are longer on lower branches and shorter on upper branches


The Norway Spruce is the fastest growing of the spruce family and makes a great windbreaker because of its strong branches. The branches arch up in a swooping manner and it’s foliage hangs. This tree can grow to nearly 60 feet tall.






The White Pine is an elegant tree because of its symmetrical shape and soft needles and is often referred to as America’s loveliest pine. It grows well in a range of environments, from forest to urban conditions, but it grows best in full sun or partial shade. This tree grows quickly and commonly reaches heights over 100 feet.

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