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Lawn Tips
Lawn Mowing Tips!

Keep mower blades sharp. Dull blades don’t cut the lawn as crisply and can damage the grass and make it vulnerable to diseases.

Mow when the grass it's dry. Mowing wet grass can damage the blades and cause uneven mowing.


Mow often enough that you never remove more then 1/3 of the lawn height with each cut.

The hot summer days are stressful on the lawn just like they’re stressful on you. Try to mow your grass when the temperature is cooler like early evening.

Turning your mower sharply may scalp your grass! Be sure to make wide turns.

Grass clippings and debris that build up on the underside of the mower deck can hamper performance.

To enhance the appearance of your lawn, don’t forget to alternate your mowing pattern. This will help keep your grass from getting wear patterns or a dull appearance.


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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Lower the height of your mower. As late fall approaches, begin to gradually bring the cutting height down on your mower, until you are almost, but not quite scalping the lawn. It's important to do this in several steps to avoid suddenly removing all the green leaf tissue and damaging the turf.

Don't miss a late fall fertilization. This is a time of year when your lawn can really chow down and make quick and good use of fertilizer. Your turf actually converts the fertilizer into food reserves and loads up its root system so it's ready, willing and able to get a quick (and healthy) start in the spring. Though 6 applications are generally recommended in Michigan, we have had a long hot summer and your lawn may benifit from a 7th application this year. You can contact our office for more details.

Remove leaves and other debris. Leaving debris on the lawn can smother the grass and create problems with winter or early spring diseases.

Aeration If the lawn has not been aerated, there may still be time. Fall aeration gives the plugs we pull plenty of time to melt down and to get thatch decomposing.

Equipment Be sure your mower and other lawn equipment has been winterized to save grief in the spring. Preventative maintenace is usually much quicker and less expensive then repairing damaged equipment.

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