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We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Advanced Green - Consists of 6 lawn applications. 1 approximatly every 4-6 weeks from March - October. All granular program with weed control included. This program is designed specifically for your lawns needs by a state certified technician.

This program has everything most lawns need to be the best on the block.

Deluxe Green - Consists of our Advanced Green program + 1 Merit Grub control and 1 Core Aeration at a reduced price.

This program has everything most lawns need to be the best on the block. Plus grub preventative application to protect your lawn and an aeration to help loosen the soil and promote new grass growth with a stronger root system.

Fertilization & Weed Control - We use mineral based slow release granular fertilizer and Broad Leaf weed control for over 220 species of weeds. We use the same products that most golf courses use.

Core Aeration - is the process of making thousands of small holes in the turf.  These holes allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the root zone quicker, resulting in new growth and increased root development. These holes will also open up the soil and help reduce thatch buildup and soil compaction, allowing your lawn to breathe and grow.

Aeration's are best when done in the cooler spring and fall seasons. This is usually when the soil is softer and the temperatures are the best for new grass growth.

Grub Control - Grub Worms are a major threat to your lawn.  Every year we see thousands of dollars in damage to non-treated lawns. White Grubs are the larvae of June Beetles, which have a three year life cycle.  They lay their eggs in the soil and within weeks the white grub emerges and feeds, often causing extensive damage.  They feed on grass, grass roots and garden crops.  Food-seeking predators (such as moles, skunks, crows and blackbirds) often do further damage where grubs are present.  If lawn is currently being damaged by grubs. It is very important to stop the grubs now before they do more damage to your lawn. We offer both Merit and Dylox grub control applications.


Insect & Disease Control - Our technicians have top of the line training in diagnosing and treating any threats to the health of your lawn.

Tree & Shrub Care - Our customized programs are suited to improve the health and vitality of your landscape.

Deep Root Feeding - Trees and shrubs need a balanced diet of nutrients to stay healthy. Most trees and shrubs are planted in low fertility soil that is close to buildings and streets, which starve them of essential mineral elements that they need. Our spring and fall Deep Root Fertilizer Treatment will feed your trees and shrubs with a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, providing them with the proper nutrients to maintain a strong, healthy, and vigorous root system.

Mosquito Control - Sets a barrier that kills and prevents mosquitoes for up to 4 weeks. We offer a 4 application program to best control the mosquitoes and let you enjoy your yard.

Mole Control - Moles can devastate your lawn. Our mole control applications consist of the only mole bait proven to get rid of moles. Delivered and monitored by trained pest management professionals. We can asses your needs and design the optimal program for your lawn.

Mulch Conditioner - Brighten up your mulch and make it look new again. Quicker and easier then adding to your mulch every year. Decorative mulch is just dyed shredded wood. We can re-dye your mulch so it looks brand new at about half the price of new mulch. This will save you time and money by adding new mulch every other year.

Flower Bed Weed Control - A pre-emergent weed control application that kills the weeds before they even start growing. Leaving more room and nutrients for your flowers, shrubs and ornamental trees. We offer a 3 application program that will take car of your weeds all season long.

Flight Control - Canadian Geese can be a nuisance to your lawn. We offer flight control applications to help make your lawn less desirable to the geese and more desirable to you. Its a liquid application that deters the geese from your lawn. It will not wash off in rain or irrigation.

Treated turf appears normal to the human eye but appears speckled when viewed by geese in the UV spectrum.

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